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BNO News’ mission is to provide fast, accurate and unbiased content to newsrooms at newspapers, television stations, radio stations, and other media around the world.  The company is privately owned with no ties to governments, activist groups, businesses, or any other organization that could affect its editorial independence.

BNO News traces its roots back to May 2007, when it launched a social media presence that had more than 1.5 million subscribers when it was acquired by MSNBC in December 2009. It was followed by the launch of a subscription news wire service in January 2010, with MSNBC being its first client for use in their newsrooms.

Since early 2010, BNO News has quickly developed with an editorial staff in the Netherlands, the United States, Mexico, and other countries. Having an outstanding record of breaking stories early, with a bulletin reporting the devastating 2011 earthquake in Japan even before shaking stopped and reporting the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 before major news agencies, the BNO News Wire Service is now used by various news organizations around the world.

Michael van Poppel
Chief Executive Officer

James Valles
Global Correspondent
Joda Thongnopnua
Managing Editor
Adam Alexander
Sales Manager
Djatmiko Waluyo
Senior Editor, International News
Adam Wien
Chief Technology officer
Carlos Mora
Senior Editor, U.S. News
Damo Storan
Senior Editor, Europe News

Feel free to reach out to us to find out how we could serve your newsroom. E-mail: