Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew update from Cocoa Beach, FL

          WSB-TV's meteorologist Brian Monahan is in Cocoa Beach, FL days before Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit.

Published on October 06, 2016 - 12:27am EDT

  Cocoa Beach, FL        25 UPDATES




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Bridge damaged by Hurricane Matthew collapses in Cuba, killing 4

          A bridge that was damaged when Hurricane Matthew swept through eastern Cuba has collapsed, killing four workers who were undertaking repairs, Canadian mining company Sherritt International reported on Wednesday. (more)

  1 yr ago

   Moa, Cuba         25 UPDATES


Hurricane Matthew: Where the wind will be the worst?

          Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari looks at where we expect the wind to be the worst during Hurricane Matthew.

  1 yr ago

   Florida         25 UPDATES


LIVE: Watch radar image of Hurricane Matthew as it churns towards Florida

  1 yr ago

   Florida         25 UPDATES


LIVE: National Hurricane Center officials provide an update on Hurricane Matthew

  1 yr ago

   Florida         25 UPDATES


LIVE MAP: Location and forecast for Hurricane Matthew

          Click to expand the live map showing location and forecast for Hurricane Matthew, courtesy of WNYC.

  1 yr ago

   Florida         25 UPDATES



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