Introducing BNO News: Our New Chapter

PUBLISHED Mon, June 29, 2015 - 7:59am EDT

Today marks a big day and a turning point in the history of BNO News. After working behind closed doors for 5.5 years, we are today launching a breaking news website that brings together a wide range of sources, while introducing the first in a series of features that aims to provide unprecedented access to official information.

Our website aims to be a unique resource for both the average news consumer and news professionals: providing brief breaking news alerts and updates, while offering a vast range of resources for those who want more information on the stories that interest them.

News in 2015 is more accessible than ever before, yet context and fact-checking are increasingly lost in a world where most stories are forgotten within hours. As a Gallup poll recently showed, trust in mass media is now at an all-time low of just 40 percent, demonstrating that change is urgently needed. We still have a long way to go, and while we will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way, impartiality, fairness, transparency and proportionality are some of our core values.

Journalists work with a lot of material, whether those are press releases, transcripts, court documents or quotes from email and phone conversations with sources. We believe everyone should have full access to this material - not because everyone should read them, but because we believe that this information should be easily accessible for everyone, allowing you to personally research stories that you care about.

As James Valles, our co-founder and vice-president, said: "It’s alarming to see how many news outlets just get it wrong, often times reporting misinformation without going the extra mile to fact check. Our website will help both fellow journalists and the public. Our audience should expect to see original reporting in addition to media monitoring while we present an unfiltered look as the day’s top stories unfold.”

That said, today’s website is just the first step towards that goal, and much more work is to be done. Over the coming months, we intend to further develop our website, introducing new features, and add people in new places to build on our newsgathering. Valles will launch a breaking news video unit. We will also be adding Android and iOS apps, as well as a spin-off website that will help us make information more accessible to the public.

Today we are also returning to where we began: Twitter, with coverage throughout the day on @BNONews and a feed limited to breaking news at @NewsFlash. Updating on Facebook and other platforms will commence in the coming days.

We hope you join us as we embark on this next chapter.

-Michael Van Poppel, BNO News

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Alabama Amber Alert: Christian Perkins abducted from Gordo     4 days  

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