Iran nuclear deal


White House spokesman says anticipates nuclear talks with Iran will ‘extend past deadline’

PUBLISHED Mon, June 29, 2015 - 1:07pm EDT

"And yes, it is the day before the deadline, and at this point I would anticipate that the negotiations will extend past the deadline," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. [full quote attached]

  Quote from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest at press briefing (rush transcript)

Q: The fact that the negotiators will be staying past the deadline on the Iranian nuclear deal, even though you said that deadline was firm last week, is this an indication then that they're getting closer to a deal? That the odds are good, that this will amount to something other than just cutting it off?

JOSH EARNEST: Well, Michelle, with the - what our negotiators are currently engaged in is an effort to try to complete negotiations consistent with the political framework that was agreed to in the first week in April. And yes, it is the day before the deadline, and at this point I would anticipate that the negotiations will extend past the deadline. This is not surprising or uncommon. Those of you who covered - Michelle, I know you covered this closely - the previous rounds of discussions that led to the political agreement in early April, the deadline for completing those talks was actually March 31st, and an announcement wasn't made until April 2nd about the agreement, so I wouldn't be surprised, and in this case it's likely that the negotiations will extend beyond the deadline, and our negotiators will remain in Vienna past the deadline in pursuit of a final agreement.

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