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FBI recommends no charges in Clinton email probe

PUBLISHED Tue, July 05, 2016 - 11:28am EDT

The FBI has recommended that no criminal charges are brought against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, despite "extremely careless" handling of work emails during her tenure as secretary of state. (more)

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FBI Director James Comey, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, said the agency's investigation concluded that classified information was sent and received through private email servers and that Clinton failed to turn over all work-related emails.

But although Comey described Clinton's handling of email as "extremely careless", Comey said the investigation found no evidence that Clinton or her team had the intention to violate laws in regards to record-keeping and the handling of classified information.

As such, with evidence of intent being required to bring criminal charges, the FBI has recommended that no criminal charges are brought in connection with the investigation. The U.S. Justice Department, which is likely to follow the recommendation, will make the final decision after a review of the evidence.

Speaking during a lengthy statement, Comey explained that the FBI's investigation found 110 emails in 52 email chains that have been determined to have contained classified information at the time they were sent or received by Clinton. Eight of those were classified as Top Secret - the highest level.

"The FBI also discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not in the group of 30,000 that were returned by Secretary Clinton to State in 2014," Comey said. "Some had been deleted over the years and we found traces of them on devices that supported or were connected to the private e-mail domain."

But Comey added that there was no evidence to suggest that any of the emails had been intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them. "Because she was not using a government account - or even a commercial account like Gmail - there was no archiving at all of her e-mails, so it is not surprising that we discovered e-mails that were not on Secretary Clinton’s system in 2014," he said.

Responding to Tuesday's announcement, Republican rival Donald Trump condemned the decision, saying that Clinton compromised national security. "The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair! As usual, bad judgment," he said on Twitter.

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