Why clown sightings are becoming a thing across the U.S.?

PUBLISHED Thu, October 06, 2016 - 12:10am EDT

Clown sightings are becoming a thing across the US? and even Stephen king is not about it. Some are flat out hoaxes, but others are serious events. It started in Greenville, SC, and theres been somewhat of a snowball effect. So what's with it? For one, it's a bit of folklore with a modern twist. Phantom clown reports occurred in the 1980s, similar to whats happening now. Two, it's viral marketing, with one Massachusetts clown revealed to be for a local haunted house. Three, it's a social media fad. Everyone wants in. and four, it's not always make-believe: some of these clowns are real, in part because of the craze that's been started.

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