Man arrested after ‘terror threat’ at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

PUBLISHED Fri, November 18, 2016 - 12:14am EST
Credit: NOS

A 45-year-old homeless man has been arrested in connection with a terror threat that caused a security alert at Rotterdam The Hague Airport in the Netherlands, police say. The man is known to have made false reports in the past.

The incident began on late Thursday morning when heavily-armed police units were deployed at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Dutch Royal Marechaussee, or border police, said the cause was an anonymous report that indicated a possible threat.

Rotterdam police confirmed late on Thursday night that a 45-year-old man, described only as a homeless illegal immigrant, had been arrested in the city. The man was also wanted for having to serve out a sentence.

"It involves a disturbed 45-year-old man without a permanent residence who has previously made false police reports," police said in a brief statement. "Officers suspect that the man is involved with the report that caused police and Royal Marechaussee to take extra security precautions at and near the airport."

Police said the man was being interrogated and the extra security precautions have been stood down.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport, located just northwest of Rotterdam and southeast of The Hague, is the third largest airport in the Netherlands.

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