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PUBLISHED Sun, January 01, 2017 - 1:32pm EST

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U.S. issues travel alert for Europe over terror threat

Singapore bans all commercial trade with North Korea

71 people confirmed dead in June fire at London high-rise

Cult killer Charles Manson taken to hospital, condition deteriorating

Moderate earthquake hits near Pohang in South Korea


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Moderate earthquake hits near Pohang in South Korea

Military vehicles seen moving towards the Zimbabwean capital

Texas Amber Alert: Josue Gonzalez abducted from San Antonio

Missing teen Gaia Pope: 2 arrested on suspicion of murder

1 dead in shooting at Affinity Medical Center in Massillon, Ohio


Knife-wielding man attacks people at mall in southeast Poland

U.S. company to resume search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

North Korea preparing for long-range missile test, Russian lawmaker says

At least 58 dead in shooting attack at Las Vegas music festival

At least 337 injured after Spanish police attempt to block independence vote