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 4 days | Suspect in New York subway bombing acted on behalf of ISIS

              A man accused of setting off a bomb in a subway corridor near Times Square in New York City told investigators that he was acting in support of the Islamic State group (ISIS), according to court documents released on Tuesday.   

  New York, NY     



 2 wks | Ex-National Security Advisor Flynn pleads guilty to making false statements

              Former U.S. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was fired by President Donald Trump over his contact with Russia's ambassador, has pleaded guilty after being charged with making false statements to the FBI. (more)   

  Washington, D.C.     


 2 wks | Senior Chinese military official commits suicide amid corruption probe

              A senior Chinese military official committed suicide last week while being investigated for corruption, the defense ministry said on Tuesday, the latest development in the anti-corruption campaign under President Xi Jinping.   



 2 wks | Man arrested over New Year’s Eve terror plot in Melbourne

              A 20-year-old man has been arrested over an alleged plot to carry out a terrorist attack on New Year's Eve in the Australian city of Melbourne, local police say. Only few details were immediately released. (more)   

  Melbourne, Australia     


 3 wks | Woman in Italy rescued after being held captive for 10 years

              A woman in Italy has been rescued after she was held captive inside an underground cellar for 10 years, during which she was repeatedly raped and gave birth to two children under horrific conditions, local officials say. A man has been arrested. (more)   




  4 wks | Charles Manson, whose followers killed nine people, dead at 83

              Convicted murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, one of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century, has died in California after more than 46 years in prison, state officials say. He was 83 years old. (more)   

  Bakersfield, CA     


 1 mon | Cult killer Charles Manson taken to hospital, condition deteriorating

              Convicted murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, who is serving a life sentence for the murders of nine people, has been taken to a California hospital where his condition is deteriorating, according to news reports. (more)   

  Bakersfield, CA     


 1 mon | German nurse who killed ‘for thrill’ suspected of 100 murders

              German nurse Niels Högel, who previously confessed to killing dozens of patients out of boredom and for thrill, is believed to have killed more than 100 people, prosecutors said on Thursday. It would make him one of the worst serial killers in modern history. (more)   



 1 mon | Saudi Arabia detains more than 200 in anti-corruption crackdown

              The number of people detained during Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption has risen to more than 200, officials confirmed on Thursday, saying that more than $100 billion was misused through years of corruption and embezzlement.   

  Saudi Arabia     


 1 mon | Man arrested near the White House over threat to kill white police officers

              A man from Texas has been arrested near the White House after he allegedly traveled to Washington, D.C. and threatened to kill white police officers, the Secret Service says. He was not armed at the time of his arrest. (more)   

  Washington, D.C.     


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Ex-National Security Advisor Flynn pleads guilty to making false statements     2 wks  

Charles Manson, whose followers killed nine people, dead at 83      4 wks  

Dismembered bodies of 9 people found at home near Tokyo     1 mon  

Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte accused of assault     6 months  

President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey     7 months  


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Man arrested over New Year’s Eve terror plot in Melbourne     2 wks  

4 police officers shot in separate shootings in Florida      4 months  

Federal contractor arrested for leaking top secret NSA report     6 months  

Driver claiming to have bomb causes alert at the White House      9 months  

2 police officers injured in shooting in Tucson, Arizona     1 yr  


WATCH LIVE: Local TV coverage of shooting at Dallas protests     1 yr  

FBI Director Comey to deliver statement at 11 a.m. ET     1 yr  

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Press conference on Ohio killings at 4 p.m. ET     1 yr  

Belgian PM and French president to hold press conference     1 yr  

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