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 2 months | WATCH LIVE: Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe to address the nation

              Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe will deliver an address to the nation on Sunday evening, state TV reports. It comes amid growing pressure for him to step down after 37 years in power. The exact time is not yet clear, but Al Jazeera is expected to provide live video.   

  Harare, Zimbabwe     


 2 months | Singapore bans all commercial trade with North Korea

              Singapore has banned all commercial trade with North Korea, according to a notice sent to traders, making them the second country this year to fully suspend trade amid mounting pressure over North Korea's nuclear program.   



 2 months | U.S. bans airlines from flying near North Korea due to missile launches

              The United States, citing the threat from North Korea's unannounced missile launches, has banned U.S. airlines from flying over a large part of the Sea of Japan. It comes just months after a missile came relatively close to an airliner with hundreds of people on board.   

  North Korea     


 2 months | Saudi Arabia detains more than 200 in anti-corruption crackdown

              The number of people detained during Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption has risen to more than 200, officials confirmed on Thursday, saying that more than $100 billion was misused through years of corruption and embezzlement.   

  Saudi Arabia     


 2 months | Syria to join Paris climate accord, leaving U.S. isolated

              Syria, which is engulfed in a six-year-long civil war, announced Tuesday that it is ready to join the Paris climate deal, leaving the United States as the only country in the world which does not support the agreement. (more)   

  Bonn, Germany     


 2 months | U.S. Senator Rand Paul suffered 5 broken ribs in assault at home

              U.S. Senator Rand Paul suffered five broken ribs and lung contusions during Friday's assault at his home in Kentucky, a senior adviser confirmed on Sunday. His injuries had previously been described as minor. (more)   

  Bowling Green, KY     



 2 months | ‘Paradise Papers’: U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross hid Russian interest

              More than 13 million financial documents have been stolen from a firm in Bermuda, showing that U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has a stake in a firm dealing with a company led by people tied to Russia's leadership.   



 2 months | U.S. Senator Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home

              U.S. Senator Rand Paul was attacked at his home in Kentucky on Friday, causing minor injuries, local officials say. A 59-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with assault. (more)   

  Bowling Green, KY     


 2 months | Rogue Twitter employee briefly removes Trump’s account

              The personal Twitter account of President Donald Trump was briefly deleted on Thursday when an employee of the social networking website deactivated the account, apparently on purpose before leaving the company. (more)   

  United States     


 2 months | Rare protest in Eritrea leaves at least 28 dead, opposition group says

              Protests erupted in the Eritrean capital of Asmara on Tuesday, prompting a violent crackdown in which dozens of people were killed, an opposition group reported on Wednesday. The government downplayed the reports. (more)   

  Asmara, Eritrea     


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