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Paris Attacks - November 13, 2015


 11 months | 1 suspect dead after police storm Brussels apartment

              One suspect was shot and killed when police stormed an apartment in the Brussels suburb of Forest, the prosecutor's office confirms. Belgian media reports that one or two additional suspects are still being sought.   

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 11 months | Fire breaks out after police storm Brussels apartment

              A fire has broken out after police stormed the apartment in the Brussels suburb of Forest where one or two terror suspects were holed up. Gunshots and loud bangs were heard. Footage from the scene showed multiple fire trucks arriving at the scene.   

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 11 months | 1 suspect ‘neutralized’ after latest exchange of gunfire

              One suspect has been "neutralized" after the latest exchange of gunfire in the Brussels suburb of Forest, according to multiple media reports. Both La Libre newspaper and RTBF cited sources so, but added that they were not sure whether the suspect was dead or alive. Belgian officials have not yet confirmed what happened in the latest exchange of fire. We are awaiting further details.   

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 11 months | Photo: Scene of counter-terrorism operation in Brussels suburb


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 11 months | New gunfire erupts in Brussels suburb of Forest

              New rounds of gunfire have been heard in the Brussels suburb of Forest. The shots were heard just after 6 p.m. local time, more than an hour after the last shots were heard. It is unknown what is happening or whether anyone has been injured.   

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 11 months | Prosecutors deny rumors of an arrest in Brussels suburb

              The prosecutor's office has denied rumors that one of the terror suspects in the Brussels suburb of Forest has been caught or killed. There has been little activity at the scene in the past hour and the suspects remain holed up inside a residence. We will update as soon as there are any developments.   

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 11 months | French police: Fugitive Salah Abdeslam not involved in Brussels incident

              Fugitive Salah Abdeslam, who is believed to have participated in the November terror attacks in Paris and is considered to be Europe's most wanted man, is not believed to be involved in the ongoing counter-terrorism operation in Brussels, according to the AFP news agency, which is citing a French police source.   

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 11 months | Belgium PM says may call national security council meeting

              Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says he may call a meeting of the country's national security council,according to the Belga news agency. The national security council coordinates the response to terror threats. The interior ministry‚Äôs crisis center says it is monitoring the situation.   

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 11 months | 4th police officer shot during operation in Brussels suburb

              A fourth police officer has been shot in the Brussels suburb of Forest, according to La Libre. The condition of the 4th police officer was not immediately known and it is unclear whether he or she was shot during the gunfire a few minutes ago. The shooters have also fired at police dogs, La Libre reports.   

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 11 months | New gunfire heard in Brussels suburb of Forest

              New rounds of gunfire have been heard in the Brussels suburb of Forest. A VTM News journalist at the scene said the latest gunfire was believed to have been fired by the suspect or suspects. It is unclear if anyone was hurt. Earlier, 3 police officers were injured as they attempted to carry out an anti-terror raid linked to the Paris attacks.   

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