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San Bernardino Mass Shooting


 1 yr | FBI probes ‘new method’ to unlock San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone

              The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it is investigating a new method that may allow investigators to break into the iPhone of San Bernardino gunman Syed Rizwan Farook without the assistance of Apple. (more)   

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 1 yr | FBI search San Bernardino gunman’s brother’s house

              FBI agents searched the California townhome of the brother of one of the San Bernardino terror attack shooters. Syed Raheel Farook is a Navy veteran who earned medals for fighting global terrorism. Agents were carrying out a search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation.   

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 1 yr | Apple’s CEO opposes court order to help FBI unlock iPhone belonging to San Bernardino shooter

              Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says his company will not comply with a court order to help the FBI break into an iPhone recovered from one of the San Bernardino shooters citing the move would threaten the security of its customers. (more)   

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 1 yr | READ: Court order instructing Apple to help FBI break into phone of San Bernardino gunman

              U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym in California has ordered Apple to assist the Federal Bureau of Investigation in breaking into the encrypted phone of Syed Rizwan Farook, who was one of the two shooters who carried out an attack in San Bernardino in December, killing 14 people. The FBI had earlier indicated that it was unable to break into Farook's phone.   

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 1 yr | Enrique Marquez, friend of San Bernardino attackers, pleads not guilty

              Enrique Marquez Jr., the friend of San Bernardino attackers Tashfeen Malik and Sayed Farook, has pled not guilty to federal terrorism charges in connection with the purchase of weapons and previous terror plots. (more)   

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 1 yr | FBI uncovers 18-minute gap in San Bernardino shooting timeline

              The FBI is asking for the the public’s help as they seeking more information to help close an 18-minute gap in the timeline of the San Bernardino mass shooting. Speaking on Tuesday.   

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 1 yr | VIDEO: San Bernardino suspects ‘radicalized’ for quite some time - FBI

              An FBI official speaking at news conference on Monday said both San Bernardino suspects who allegedly went on a deadly shooting rampage, killing 14 people, had been radicalized for "quite some time." Over 320 pieces of evidence had been collected so far in the investigation. Authorities say there is evidence the attack was pre-planned.   

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 1 yr | McCain: Obama’s address offered no changes to his reactive, indirect, and incremental strategy

              U.S. Senator John McCain, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, says in a statement: "President Obama’s address tonight failed to obscure what has become increasingly clear to the American people: that we are not winning the war against ISIL, and that the threat of terrorism against our homeland is real and growing. As the President said, America should never give in to fear. But neither should we fear to acknowledge the nature and severity of the threats we face and do everything within our power to confront them." (more)   

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 1 yr | ‘Greater sense of urgency’ to combat ISIS since Paris attacks - U.S. official

              There is a “greater sense of urgency” in the international community to combat the Islamic State (ISIS) group since last month’s deadly attacks in Paris, a senior administration official says, noting the recent approval of airstrikes in Syria by the British parliament and Germany’s plans to commit up to 1,200 troops to the fight against ISIS. Obama will “continue to review what additional steps may be necessary, as he’s continuously done throughout this campaign,” the official said.   

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 1 yr | More than 100 ISIS oil tankers destroyed as alliance steps up airstrikes - U.S. official

              The multinational coalition carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) group in Iraq and Syria has stepped up its efforts, particularly against the group’s oil tankers and oilfield infrastructure in eastern Syria, a senior administration official says. “We’ve stepped up our airstrikes, particularly against ISIL oil tankers and its oilfield infrastructure in eastern Syria, with a 116 of those ISIL oil tankers destroyed,” the official said. The official also noted Obama’s decision to deploy special forces to Syria and plans to deploy an expeditionary targeting force to Iraq to assist Iraqi and Kurdish partners as they carry out raids against ISIS targets.   

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Texas Amber Alert: Jesus Ludena abducted from Galena Park     37 mins  

Boy, 11, electrocuted at rail depot near Daventry in Northamptonshire      3 hrs  

Bomb hoax causes evacuation at UT Dallas     3 hrs  

‘Active shooter’ alert at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama      8 hrs  

U.S. warns Syria’s Assad against using chemical weapons     21 hrs  

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