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San Bernardino Mass Shooting



 2 yrs | San Bernardino shooters were ‘intent to kill innocents on a substantial basis’ - U.S. official

              The couple that carried out Wednesday’s shooting attack in San Bernardino had stockpiled weapons in order to kill on a “substantial scale,” according to a senior administration official. “At this point, we don’t have evidence that the 2 killers were directed by a foreign terrorist organization, or that they were part of a broader conspiracy in the United States. However, we do see that they went down on a path of radicalization, and that they had stockpiled weapons with the intent to kill innocents on a substantial scale,” the official said. “So clearly, in the president’s view, this was an act of terrorism.”   

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 2 yrs | Obama: U.S. has a responsibility to reject religious tests for entry into country

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 2 yrs | Obama calls on Muslim leaders to reject ideology of ISIS

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 2 yrs | Obama says extremist ideology has spread between some Muslim communities

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 2 yrs | Obama: ISIL does not speak for Islam, they are thugs and killers

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