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San Bernardino Mass Shooting


 1 yr | Obama: This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people

  Washington, D.C.        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | WATCH: President Obama delivers address to the nation on terrorism

              U.S. President Barack Obama delivered an address to the nation at 8:01 p.m. ET on Sunday after last week's shooting attack in San Bernardino, which killed 14 people and injured 21 others. Obama provided an update on the attack, outlined where the U.S. stands in the fight against ISIS, and renewed his calls for gun control laws.   

  San Jose, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | San Bernardino shooting massacre investigated as ‘an act of terrorism,’ FBI says

              The shooting massacre at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino is now being investigated as an act of terrorism, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says. (more)   

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | WATCH LIVE: Press conference on San Bernardino shooting attack

              The FBI and local officials will hold a press conference at approximately 11 a.m. PT to provide an update on the ongoing investigation into Wednesday's shooting attack in San Bernardino.   

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES



 1 yr | San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik ‘pledged allegiance to ISIS’

              Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter who opened fire at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) group in an online posting, according to news reports on Friday. (more)   

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | Photos: Scene of shooting between San Bernardino suspects and police

              The San Bernardino Sheriff's Department has released four photographs from the scene in San Bernardino where the two suspects in Wednesday's shooting massacre were killed in a gun battle with police. (more)   

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | People who saw San Bernardino suspect at mosque describe him as ‘shy, reserved’

              Worshipers at a Southern California mosque were stunned to learn that one of the shooters who allegedly opened fire at a San Bernardino social service facility, killing 14 people and wounding 21 others, attended their mosque. (more)

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | Names and ages of those killed in San Bernardino shooting released

              Authorities have released the names of the 14 people who were killed in Wednesday's shooting rampage at a San Bernardino social service facility. (more)   

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | 12 bombs found at house of San Bernardino suspects, motive still unclear

              Twelve pipe bomb-like devices and thousands of bullets were found at the home of the man and woman who carried out a shooting attack on a San Bernardino social service facility, although the motive is not yet known, police say. (more)

  San Bernardino, CA        95 UPDATES


 1 yr | Number injured in San Bernardino shooting rises to 21 - police chief

              Number of fatalities remains at 14.   

       95 UPDATES




California earthquake: Tremor felt in Berkeley and Oakland     13 mins  

Police officer stabbed at Michigan airport in possible ‘terror attack’     5 hrs  

Florida Amber Alert: Alanda McCoy abducted from Milton      7 hrs  

Florida Amber Alert: Jessica Matias-Francisco abducted from Fort Myers     2 days  

WATCH LIVE: Sky News coverage of London incident     2 days  

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