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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


 5 months | Saudi Arabia foils ISIS suicide attack on defense ministry

              Four people have been arrested in Saudi Arabia over an alleged plot to carry out a suicide bombing at the ministry of defense, authorities announced on Tuesday. It said explosives and other weapons had been seized. (more)   

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 1 yr | Saudi Arabia beheads Prince Al-Kabeer for fatal shooting

              A prince who was convicted of killing a man after an argument has been decapitated by sword in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom's government reported on Tuesday, marking the first execution of a member of the royal family since 1977.   

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 2 yrs | Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran after execution row, embassy attack

              Saudi Arabia says it is cutting ties with Iran over Iran’s “hostile” response to the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, which sparked protests and the storming of the kingdom’s embassy in Tehran. (more)   

  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia        26 UPDATES



 2 yrs | Saudi Arabia forms coalition of 34 Islamic countries to fight terrorism

              Saudi Arabia has formed a military coalition of 34 Islamic countries to combat terrorism, the Saudi government announced on early Tuesday morning, but only few details were immediately released (more)   

  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia     




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