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 8 months | Powerful category 4 Hurricane Matthew moves through Caribbean; could hit U.S. Southeastern coast

              As Hurricane Matthew moves through the Caribbean, residents of the Southeastern Coast of the U.S. are urged to prepare.   

  United States        27 UPDATES


 8 months | Hurricane Matthew moving through the Caribbean

              Hurricane Matthew is a dangerous category 4 storm taking aim in the Caribbean. Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas are all in its line of sight.   

  Haiti        27 UPDATES


 9 months | Tropical storm Hermine provides reprieve; still a threat to the East Coast

              Storm system Hermine spun away from the U.S. East Coast on Sunday, removing the threat of heavy rain but maintaining enough power to churn dangerous waves and currents and keep beaches off-limits to disappointed swimmers and surfers during the holiday weekend. The National Weather Service said a tropical storm warning remains in effect for New Jersey and Delaware, including Rehoboth Beach, which could experience wind gusts of up to 50 mph and life-threatening storm surges during high tide late Sunday and into Monday.   

  United States        27 UPDATES


  12 months | Death toll rises, more rain predicted for flooded West Virginia

              Officials say at least 24 people have died as a result of recent flooding in West Virginia and more rain is forecast for some of the hardest hit areas.   

  Virginia        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | Thousands evacuated in historic French floods

              Small towns and villages across central France are under forced evacuation orders after heavy rains not seen in 50 years burst river banks and create massive flooding.   

  France        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | “Substantial tornado risk” developing in portions of the Southern Plains and the Ozarks

              A tornado touched down in Elmore City, Oklahoma on Monday, with forecasters saying a "substantial tornado risk" could develop in portions of the Southern Plains and the Ozarks.   

  Oklahoma        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | 5 to 12 inches of rain causes flash flooding in Mississippi towns

              Emergency managers in Gulfport, Mississippi, say 5 to 12 inches of rain fell during a thunderstorm, causing major street flooding and water to enter homes.   

  Mississippi        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | Large tornado in Alabama causes damage near Aliceville and Carrollton

              A "large and extremely dangerous tornado" has caused serious structure damage near the towns of Aliceville and Carrollton in Alabama, forecasters and witnesses say. Tornado warnings for those areas have now been canceled. (more)   

  Carrollton, AL        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | Winter Storm Jonas: East Coast still digging out after blizzard, at least 20 dead

              Several U.S. east coast cities are still struggling to return to normal on Monday following Winter Storm Jonas, a massive weekend blizzard that dropped about two feet of snow on cities including New York and Washington, D.C. At least 20 people have died from storm-related incidents with deaths reported in states stretching from Arkansas to New York.   

  New York, NY        27 UPDATES


 1 yr | Vice President Biden’s plane diverts to Miami to wait out blizzard

              U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, who are returning to the United States after a trip to Europe, are diverting to comfortable temperatures in Florida to wait for the weather in Washington to improve. (more)   

  Miami, FL        165 UPDATES




Guatemala earthquake: Strong tremor strikes off the coast     9 hrs  

California earthquake: Tremor felt in Berkeley and Oakland     1 day  

Police officer stabbed at Michigan airport in ‘act of terrorism’     1 day  

Florida Amber Alert: Alanda McCoy abducted from Milton     1 day  

Florida Amber Alert: Jessica Matias-Francisco abducted from Fort Myers     3 days  

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