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 2 months | Saudi Arabia detains more than 200 in anti-corruption crackdown

              The number of people detained during Saudi Arabia's crackdown on corruption has risen to more than 200, officials confirmed on Thursday, saying that more than $100 billion was misused through years of corruption and embezzlement.   

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 2 months | Saudi prince, others killed in helicopter crash near Yemen

              A helicopter carrying government officials has crashed in southwest Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen, killing Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and several others, officials say. The cause of the crash was not immediately known.   

  Saudi Arabia     


 3 months | Saudi Arabia beheads 100 people so far this year

              A Jordanian man convicted of drug smuggling has been executed by beheading in Saudi Arabia, raising the number of people executed in the kingdom so far this year to more than 100, officials and human rights activists say. (more)   

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  4 months | Saudi Arabia Allows Women Into National Stadium for 1st Time

              Saudi Arabia allowed women into the national stadium for the first time as it celebrated the 87th anniversary of its founding.

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 1 yr | Suicide bomber attacks mosque in Qatif, Saudi Arabia

              Emergency services are responding to reports of a suicide bombing outside a mosque in the city of al-Qatif in Saudi Arabia, witnesses say. There were no immediate reports of casualties though only few details are available.   

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