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Washington, D.C.


 1 day | 2 police officers shot in northeast Washington, D.C.

              Two police officers have been rushed to hospital after a shooting in northeast Washington, D.C., local officials say. One suspect was killed but details about the exact circumstances of the shooting are still unknown. (more)   

  Washington, D.C.     



 3 wks | President Trump fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

              President Donald Trump has fired Acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates after she expressed doubts over his executive action on immigration and instructed the Justice Department to stop defending it in court. (more)   

  Washington, D.C.     



 1 mon | VIDEO: The Inauguration of Donald Trump

              NBC News provided live coverage of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, succeeding Barack Obama.   

  Washington, D.C.     



 1 mon | VIDEO: President Obama holds final press conference

              President Barack Obama on Wednesday afternoon held his final press conference before leaving office.   

  Washington, D.C.     


 1 mon | Anti-Trump protester tries to set himself on fire in Washington, D.C.

              A man protesting President-elect Donald Trump has been taken to hospital after he tried to set himself on fire outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., just days before the businessman takes office.   

  Washington, D.C.     



 2 months | Suspect in D.C. restaurant shooting came to ‘self-investigate’ Pizzagate

              Edgar Welch, a 28-year-old North Carolina man who opened fire inside a popular pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., has told investigators that he went there to "self-investigate" a Clinton-linked conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate.   

  Washington, D.C.     


  4 months | Death of ex-Putin aide Mikhail Lesin ruled an accident

              Mikhail Lesin, a former aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin who was found dead at a Washington, D.C. hotel last year, died of an accidental fall after days of excessive drinking, U.S. investigators have concluded. (more)   

  Washington, D.C.        3 UPDATES


 4 months | Obama lifts Paris climate deal as ‘Best possible shot”

              After passing a threshold for ratification on Wednesday with support from European nations, a sweeping global agreement to combat climate change by shifting the world economy away from fossil fuels will take force next month. Speaking from the Rose Garden, President Obama called the "Paris Agreement" potentially a "turning point" for our planet. Obama said, "This gives us the best possible shot to save the one planet we got." Addressing climate change has been a core goal for the president. Indeed, netting the Paris climate deal is considered a critical part of his environmental policy legacy.   

  Washington, D.C.        10 UPDATES


 4 months | Trump mocks Clinton for stumbling during pneumonia episode

              Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump criticizes opponent Hillary Clinton for falling at a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony after being diagnosed with walking pneumonia.   

  Washington, D.C.        336 UPDATES


 4 months | NYT claims Trump declared $916m loss on 1995 tax returns; could have legally avoided paying taxes for 18 years

              The New York Times has reportedly obtained records from 1995 showing that Donald J. Trump declared a $916 million loss. The figure, according to tax experts hired by the paper, is so substantial that it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying federal income tax for 18 years.   

  Washington, D.C.        336 UPDATES




Strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Pacific Ocean off Tonga     19 hrs  

Delta Flight 1591 returns to Charlotte after bird strike      21 hrs  

2 police officers shot in northeast Washington, D.C.     1 day  

King’s Cross tube station evacuated due to ‘emergency’     1 day  

Flybe Flight 1284 suffers landing mishap at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport     1 day  

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