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 2 yrs | Number of casualties from Manipur earthquake rises to 1 dead, 35 injured - ANI

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 2 yrs | Manipur earthquake: ‘Strongest earthquake I’ve ever felt’

              Reactions from people in India and Bangladesh have been pouring in after a powerful earthquake shook the region and woke up many residents.

"I live in Bangladesh... And this has been the strongest earthquake I've ever felt in my whole entire life. I thought I was gonna die, I feel really anxious and traumatized right now. May God keep us safe." - Mihantsa Gishani Fernando

"Felt strong tremors in Shillong. My mirror smashed to pieces. The shaking went on for long and it was loud as well. I ran out of the house out of fear, so did a lot of others. Dogs went mad barking." - Neha Dhar

"I was sleeping. My bed (shook) violently and we all woke up with tremor (and) ran out of home. We felt as if our building was going to collapse....!! I hope everyone is safe!!" - Lipika, Tripura

"The strongest shake ever experienced in Imphal. I was sleeping with my kids on the first floor and suddenly the room started shaking, first north to south for about 30 seconds and then east to west (for) 5 seconds and gone. I'm worried about aftershocks. God save us all." - Aribam Satyabrata Sharma

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 2 yrs | India bans oil trade with the Islamic State, related groups

              India has banned the trade in oil and related products with the Islamic State, the commerce department says, complying with a UN Security Council resolution that was adopted in February. "Trade in oil and refined oil products, modular refineries and related materials, besides items of cultural (including antiquities), scientific and religious importance is prohibited with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant [ISIL], Al Nusrah Front [ANF] and other individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated, directly or indirectly, with Al Qaida," the department said. [full statement attached]   

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Florida Amber Alert: Juliet Odierna abducted from Cape Coral

Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School on lockdown

Mary Rose Keadjuk: Missing woman found dead after 27 years

Suicide bomber attacks U.S. embassy in Montenegro

Cardiff University lecturer Malcolm Anderson dead at 48



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