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Raqqa, Syria


 5 months | ISIS militants linked to Paris attacks killed in airstrike

              Three senior commanders of the Islamic State group, including two who were allegedly involved in facilitating last year's deadly terror attacks in Paris, have been killed in a coalition airstrike in Syria, the U.S. military says. (more)   

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 9 months | U.S.-led airstrike ‘kills civilians’ in Syrian city of Raqqa

              A number of civilians are believed to have been killed after a U.S.-led airstrike in the ISIS-occupied Syrian city of Raqqa, the U.S. military reports. It comes on the heels of other coalition airstrikes in which civilians are believed to have been killed. (more)   

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 1 yr | U.S. airstrike in Syria targets ISIS hostage-killer ‘Jihadi John,’ may have been killed

              The United States has carried out a done strike in Syria targeting Mohamed Emwazi, the Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John" who beheaded Western hostages in a number of propaganda videos, U.S. officials say. (more)   

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 1 yr | U.S.-led forces step up campaign against ISIS, carry out 38 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

              U.S.-led forces carried out 38 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria on Saturday, including eighteen airstrikes near the Islamic State's self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, the Combined Joint Task Force reports, marking the biggest assault yet in a 24-hour period. In Raqqa, the airstrikes destroyed three ISIS vehicles and 16 ISIS bridges. Details about casualties were not immediately available. The tally includes sixteen airstrikes which the task force reported on Saturday night. [full statement attached]   

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 1 yr | U.S.-led forces strike Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital, destroying ‘vital’ structures and transit routes

              U.S.-led forces have carried out sixteen airstrikes in the Islamic State's self-proclaimed capital Raqqa, destroying "vital" ISIS-controlled structures and transit routes, the Combined Joint Task Force reports, claiming that the airstrikes have "severely constricted" the group's freedom of movement. "The significant airstrikes tonight were executed to deny Daesh the ability to move military capabilities throughout Syria and into Iraq. This was one of the largest deliberate engagements we have conducted to date in Syria, and it will have debilitating effects on Daesh’s ability to move from ar-Raqqah," a coalition spokesman said. [full statement attached]   

  Raqqa, Syria        104 UPDATES




U.S. soldier Etienne Murphy killed in accident in Syria      14 hrs  

Oklahoma Amber Alert: Rosa Steffens taken from Moore      16 hrs  

Missing woman Sandra Pagniano found dead near Prescott     1 day  

Cabot Circus mall in Bristol evacuated after bomb threat     2 days  

New Mexico Amber Alert: Marissa Bibiano abducted from Belen     2 days  

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