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Salt Lake City, UT


 2 wks | Active shooter near the University of Utah, campus on lockdown

              Police and other emergency services in Salt Lake City are responding to reports of an active shooter near the campus of the University of Utah, resulting in the death of 1 person. The campus is on lockdown while police search for Austin Boutain. (more)   

  Salt Lake City, UT     


 11 months | Utah Amber Alert: Juliette Cuadra abducted from Salt Lake City

              A Utah Amber Alert has been issued for 3-year-old Juliette Cuadra after she was allegedly abducted from Salt Lake City by her mother, Shantel Cuadra. Anyone with information is urged to call 911 immediately. (more)   

  Salt Lake City, UT     


 1 yr | Mitt Romney delivers scathing criticism of Donald Trump

              Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney accepted a presidential endorsement from Donald trump four years ago. On Thursday, Romney revealed an entirely new tone delivering a scathing point-by-point blow criticizing GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who he called a phony, fraud, and a bully who threatens America's Future. 


  Salt Lake City, UT        336 UPDATES


  2 yrs | Olene S. Walker, Utah’s first female governor, dies at 85

              Olene Smith Walker, who served as Utah's first and only female governor, has died from natural causes in Salt Lake City. She was 85. (more)   

  Salt Lake City, UT     


  2 yrs | Salt Lake County politician Randy Horiuchi dies at 61

              Randy Horiuchi, one of Utah's best known politicians of the past few decades, has died at at hospital in Salt Lake City. He was 61. (more)   

  Salt Lake City, UT     




Moderate earthquake hits near Pohang in South Korea

Military vehicles seen moving towards the Zimbabwean capital

Texas Amber Alert: Josue Gonzalez abducted from San Antonio

Missing teen Gaia Pope: 2 arrested on suspicion of murder

1 dead in shooting at Affinity Medical Center in Massillon, Ohio



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