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Serial Killers


  6 months | German nurse who killed ‘for thrill’ suspected of 90 murders

              German nurse Niels Högel, who confessed to killing dozens of patients out of boredom and for thrill, is believed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 90 people, police announced Monday after a lengthy investigation. (more)   

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 2 yrs | London serial killer: Stephen Port arrested in murders of 4 young men in Barking

              A suspected serial killer identified as 40-year-old Stephen Port has been arrested and charged in the murders of four young men in east London, police say. (more)   

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 2 yrs | Homer Lee Jackson: Suspected serial killer arrested in 1980s murders in Oregon

              A 55-year-old man identified as Homer Lee Jackson has been arrested and charged in a series of murders that targeted prostitutes in Portland in the 1980s, police announced on Friday. (more)   

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4 people found dead at home in Ryerson, Ontario

Florida Amber Alert: Juliet Odierna abducted from Cape Coral

Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School on lockdown

Mary Rose Keadjuk: Missing woman found dead after 27 years

Suicide bomber attacks U.S. embassy in Montenegro



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