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U.S. to ban transgender people from serving in the military

          The United States will not allow transgender people to serve in the military "in any capacity," President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, reversing a change that was made during the Obama administration. (more)   

  7 months ago

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Malta legalizes same-sex marriage in 66-1 vote

          Lawmakers in Malta have voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage, becoming the 26th country in the world to do so. Only one lawmaker in the predominantly Catholic country voted against the change. (more)   

  7 months ago

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Taiwan’s top court rules in favor of same-sex marriage

          Taiwan's Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, making Taiwan the first place in Asia to recognize such unions. It could still take up to two years before same-sex marriages are allowed to be performed. (more)   

  9 months ago

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India allows transgender people to use bathroom of their choice

          The Indian government has instructed states to let transgender people use the public bathroom of their choice.   

  10 months ago

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Pakistani clerics declare transgender marriages legal under Sharia law

          A group of clerics in Pakistan declare marriage between transgender individuals permissible in Islam, saying they have a right to be married in Muslim ceremonies.   

  1 yr ago

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Obama administration to issue decree on transgender access to school restrooms

          The Obama administration plans to issue a letter to all public school districts in the United States to instruct them to allow transgender students to use restrooms that match their gender identity, the New York Times reports. (more)   

  1 yr ago

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U.S. suing North Carolina over transgender bathroom law

          The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against North Carolina saying that the state’s new bathroom law is a violation of the Civil Rights Act and the Violence Against Women Act that outlaws discrimination on the basis of sex.   

  1 yr ago

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PayPal cancels North Carolina expansion over state’s anti-LGBT law

          Online payments company PayPal says it has decided to scrap its multi-million dollar plan to open a center in North Carolina that would have created hundreds of jobs, citing its opposition to the state's anti-LGBT law. (more)   

  1 yr ago

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to veto ‘religious freedom’ bill

          Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has announced he will veto a so-called "religious freedom" bill that has widely been condemned for its anti-gay provisions, saying the state does not have to discriminate against anyone to protect faith-based communities. (more)   

  1 yr ago

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Supreme Court voids Alabama ruling against lesbian adoption

          The Supreme Court ruled Monday that Alabama's top court went too far when it tried to overturn a lesbian mother's adoption of her partner's children. In the dispute between the two women whose long-term relationship ended bitterly, one partner bore three children; the other formally adopted them in Georgia.


  2 yrs ago

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