Bitcoin in bear market territory

          Remember Bitcoin? This week it's been all about Longfin and litecoin and bitcoin cash. Well Bitcoin hit bear market territory down 21% from it's all time high of over $19,800 hit Sunday morning.   

  2 months ago

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Price of bitcoin breaks $10,000 barrier for the 1st time

          The price of bitcoin soared to another all-time high on Wednesday and broke through the $10,000 barrier for the first time, nearly 9 years after the digital cryptocurrency was first created. The price has risen rapidly over the last few months.   

  3 months ago

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Price of bitcoin soars to all-time high of $8,000

          The price of bitcoin soared to an all-time high of $8,000 on Sunday, staging a remarkable comeback after the digital cryptocurrency plunged as low as $5,500 just over a week ago. (more)   

  3 months ago

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Chinese bitcoin exchange to stop trading, price plunges 16 percent

          Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCChina announced Thursday that it will stop all trading at the end of the month, ending days of speculation and causing the price of the digital cryptocurrency to fall by more than 16 percent. (more)   

  5 months ago

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