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Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) is an experimental service to provide a single source for alerts and warnings from U.S. officials. This includes evacuation orders, amber alerts, hurricane warnings, and tsunami alerts.

The Emergency Notification System is operated by BNO News and was launched in May 2018. It only uses official information, which means BNO News does not insert its own reporting, even in the event of conflicting information.

Alerts may be edited by BNO News for clarity or to summarize a message which is too long. Our editors take great care to ensure that changes do not affect the meaning of the message, and we may include a screenshot or link to the official alert.

Because this is still an experimental service, it does not currently have round-the-clock coverage. Our service aims to provide easy access to critical alerts, but it should not be used to replace warning systems from official sources.

Sign up for ENS Alerts: Twitter or Facebook

Alerts which are currently included:

  • Messages sent to phones through the Emergency Alert System (excluding regular weather warnings)
  • Amber Alerts (child abductions)
  • Blue Alerts
  • Evacuation orders and messages to shelter in place
  • Law enforcement activity
  • Tsunami warnings and advisories
  • Earthquake notifications (notable events only)
  • Hurricane warnings and watches
  • Volcanic activity (if affecting a populated area)
  • Bulletins from the National Terrorism Advisory System

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