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 2 wks | North Korea releases video of Wednesday’s missile test

              North Korea has released video of Wednesday's test of the Hwansong-15 missile which is capable of reaching all parts of the U.S. (BNO News)   

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 2 wks | North Korea releases first photos of the Hwansong-15 missile capable of reaching the U.S.

              North Korea releases first photos of the Hwansong-15 missile which is capable of reaching all parts of the U.S. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: "If war comes, make no mistake: The North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed." Haley went on to say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war."   

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 2 wks | North Korea declares completion of nuclear force after missile test

              North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has declared the completion of the country's nuclear force after the successful launch of a long-range missile capable of reaching all parts of the United States, making it the country's third and most advanced test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. (more)   

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 2 wks | North Korea may be preparing for missile launch, Japan says

              North Korea may be preparing to carry out a ballistic missile launch in the next few days, Japanese officials say, citing radio signals which have in the past preceded missile launches. North Korea has not carried out any missile launches since mid-September.   

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 3 wks | Dramatic video shows North Korean defector’s escape

              Video has been released which shows the dramatic moment a North Korean soldier was fired at as he raced towards the demilitarized zone and ran across the border to defect to the South. The soldier was severely injured but is now recovering. The footage was released by the UN Command, which is the unified command for U.S. and South Korean military forces.   

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