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Judge authorizes sheriff to evict Twitter from Colorado office

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Credit: Brett Jordan

A judge in Colorado has authorized law enforcement to evict Twitter from one of its offices in Boulder, although it’s unclear whether anyone is still working at the location, according to local media.

The order – a writ of restitution – was signed on May 31 and is valid for 49 days, giving the sheriff the authority to evict Twitter from its office at 3401 Bluff Street, which is also known as the Railyards at S’Park.

Roughly 300 Twitter employees were once working out of the 65,000-square-foot office, according to the Denver Business Journal. However, it’s unclear whether anyone from the company is still working at the location.

According to a lawsuit, the landlord accessed a line of credit which was previously set up after Twitter failed to pay its rent in March. Twitter refused to replenish that line of credit and has failed to respond to messages.

As a result, the judge approved an eviction, allowing deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office to go in and remove Twitter. There was no immediate word on when the eviction will be carried out.

Twitter is also facing at least one other lawsuit in Colorado. A complaint filed in May alleges that Twitter is behind on more than $93,000 in cleaning fees at another office in Boulder, where it’s also behind on rent payments.

In May, Bloomberg reported that Twitter is late on more than $10 million of payments to an array of companies, including small businesses which rely on Twitter’s contract to continue operating. Four vendors filed a joint lawsuit in April and are seeking class action status.

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