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Armed robbery suspects lead police near LA on high-speed chase

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Five armed robbery suspects led police near Los Angeles on a high-speed pursuit, with the vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road multiple times and blowing through red lights.

It began on late Friday afternoon when a group of people robbed a business – possibly a jewelry – in the Pasadena area. The men fled the area in a white SUV and a police chase began a short time later.

The vehicle drove recklessly in an attempt to get away, blowing through red lights at high speeds and driving on the wrong side of the road, forcing other vehicles to take action to avoid an accident.

The SUV later went onto a freeway, weaving through traffic at high speeds and scraping up against a wall at one point with a police car behind them. They later got off the freeway and suddenly stopped.

The five suspects got out and took off running. Four of them fled together, including a man who appeared to be openly carrying a gun at one point. The fifth suspect fled in another direction. Police are searching for them.

You can watch a recording of the police chase at the top of this article.

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