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Fast Company hack: Apple News compromised with offensive alert

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The alert, with offensive words censored (Credit: Teddy DeWitt)

A push notification with graphic and racist language was sent to Apple News users after the Fast Company news website was hacked, sources say. It’s unknown who was behind it.

The incident happened on early Tuesday night New York time when Apple News users received a push notification which included the n-word followed by the description of a sex act.

“THRAX WAS HERE,” the end of the message said.

The Apple News app provides content from a range of news organizations around the world, including Fast Company, which was shown as the author of Tuesday’s alert. A similar message appeared on Fast Company before the website went down.

“An incredibly offensive alert was sent by Fast Company, which has been hacked,” Apple News said in a brief statement on social media. “Apple News has disabled their channel.”

Fast Company condemned the messages as “vile” and said its feed and website are down until the situation is resolved.

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