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Meteor explodes over Israel and the West Bank

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Credit: Ofer Gebazo

A meteor streaked across the sky in parts of Israel and the West Bank in broad daylight on Saturday, causing a loud boom which was heard across the region, officials and residents say.

The incident happened at about 5:20 p.m. on Saturday when a bolide – a term which refers to an exceptionally bright meteor – was seen over parts of Israel and Palestinian areas in the West Bank in broad daylight.

The Israeli Astronomical Association said it was receiving reports of the meteor from central and northern Israel, and some people also reported hearing an air burst.

“Some reports also talk about an explosion that was heard after the bolide was spotted,” the association said in a statement. “Such an explosion can be heard if it’s a particularly large bolide and depending on its composition.”

The exact size of the bolide was not immediately clear but there were no reports of impacts, damage or injuries in connection with the event, which was mistaken for a missile or Iron Dome intercept by some people.

Meteors occasionally survive the fiery passage through Earth’s atmosphere, but most go unnoticed when they fall into the ocean, especially in broad daylight.

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