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U.S. Senate approves $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

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The U.S. Senate voting on the bill

The U.S. Senate has approved a bipartisan deal to provide $95 billion in aid, including military support, for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, ending a months-long stalemate. It now goes to the president’s desk.

The bill passed the Senate in a 79-18 vote on late Tuesday, with 48 Democrats and 31 Republicans voting in favor of the bill and 15 Republicans and 3 Democrats voting against it. Three lawmakers didn’t vote.

The bill includes $60.8 billion for Ukraine, $26.4 billion for Israel and $8 billion for Taiwan. It also includes other items, including a proposed ban of TikTok in the U.S. if Chinese parent company ByteDance refuses to divest.

President Joe Biden thanked leaders and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle for approving the aid package, which followed more than 6 months of stalemate in the U.S. House until it finally passed on Saturday.

“I will sign this bill into law and address the American people as soon as it reaches my desk tomorrow so we can begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week,” Biden said. “This critical legislation will make our nation and world more secure as we support our friends who are defending themselves against terrorists like Hamas and tyrants like Putin.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Democratic and Republican lawmakers for approving the aid, which comes at a time when Ukrainian defenses have become increasingly vulnerable due to shortages of ammunition and air defense systems.

“This vote reinforces America’s role as a beacon of democracy and the leader of the free world,” Zelensky said. “I am also grateful to all Americans who continue to support Ukraine and recognize that the historical significance of this bill extends beyond politics.”

Zelensky added: “Ukraine’s long-range capabilities, artillery, and air defense are critical tools for restoring just peace sooner.”

While Biden has yet to sign the bill into law, the Pentagon has already started preparations to send $1 billion in new military aid to Ukraine. Officials expect some of the weapons will arrive in Ukraine within days but others will likely take weeks or even longer.

The U.S. Capitol

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