Bomb alert at Savannah River Site in South Carolina

PUBLISHED Wed, November 02, 2016 - 5:50pm EDT
Credit: Savannah River Site

A security alert was declared at South Carolina's nuclear facility on the Savannah River after a possible explosive device was located in a restroom, officials say. The device was later determined to be safe. (more)

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The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when a suspicious device was located inside a restroom in the A Area of the Savannah River Site. As a result, a security alert was declared and emergency services were called to the scene.

As a precaution, investigators treated it as an actual explosive device until they were able to determine that the device did not pose a threat.

"The All-Clear has been given at Savannah River Site," the facility said in a statement just before 6 p.m. "After a thorough investigation, the suspicious item was determined to be non-threatening and the Site has been returned to normal operations."

The Savannah River Site once produced plutonium and tritium for atomic bombs but is now focused on Department of Energy missions in national security, energy independence, innovative technology and environmental stewardship.

A security alert also occurred in August 2015 when electronic and canine scans of a vendor delivery truck indicated the possibility of explosives, prompting a lockdown of the complex. It was later determined that nothing hazardous was inside the vehicle.

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