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VIDEO: President Trump delivers address to the nation

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 2 yrs | Dolores strengthens to a category 4 hurricane as it nears Mexican island

              Hurricane Dolores has rapidly strengthened to a major category four storm with maximum sustained winds near 130 miles (215 kilometers) per hour as it nears Socorro Island off Mexico's Pacific coast, the U.S. National Hurricane Center reports. Dolores is expected to pass very close to Socorro Island, which is home to a naval base and a small town, over the next few hours. [advisory attached]   

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 2 yrs | China’s economic growth holds steady at 7 percent in second quarter

              China's economy expanded by 7 percent in the second quarter, unchanged from the previous quarter but slightly better than forecast, the country's National Bureau of Statistics reports. China's gross domestic product (GDP) was at 29.6 trillion yuan in the first half of the year, marking a year-on-year increase of 7 percent. [full statement attached]



 2 yrs | Hillary Clinton: ‘We will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon’ if I’m president

              Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is running for the Democratic nomination in next year's presidential election, says she would never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon if she were president. "Not just during the term of this agreement - never," she said in a statement. "As President, I would use every tool in our arsenal to compel rigorous Iranian compliance." [full statement attached]   

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 2 yrs | NASA spacecraft New Horizons completes fly-by of Pluto

              NASA has re-established contact with New Horizons, confirming that the spacecraft made a successful fly-by of Pluto. The approach to the dwarf planet had already provided the world with the first ever clear pictures of Pluto, and today's fly-by will provide scientists with up-close data to further examine the dwarf planet's surface. New Horizons traveling more than 3 billion miles in nearly a decade to reach Pluto.   

  Pluto        5 UPDATES



 2 yrs | Missouri executes man for brutal rape and murder of 19-year-old woman

              A 55-year-old Missouri man convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman has been executed by lethal injection at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre. Missouri Department of Corrections spokesman Mike O'Connell said David Zink was pronounced dead at 7:41 p.m. local time. Zink had been convicted for the brutal murder of Amanda Morton in 2001. [full statement attached]   

  Bonne Terre, MO        25 UPDATES


 2 yrs | Obama to hold news conference on Wednesday, will answer questions about nuclear deal

              U.S. President Barack Obama will hold a news conference on Wednesday morning to answer questions from journalists about the nuclear accord between world powers and Iran, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says. The news conference will take place in the East Room of the White House.   

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 2 yrs | Trump: Iran ‘gets everything and loses nothing’ under nuclear accord

              In a statement, business mogul and presidential candidate Donald Trump said: "Every promise the Obama Administration made in the beginning of negotiations, including the vow to get our great American prisoners returned to the U. S. has been broken. This is a bad deal that sets a dangerous precedent." [full statement attached]   

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 2 yrs | LA Governor Jindal orders investigation into Planned Parenthood practices, delays license

              Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has ordered an investigation into the practices of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America after a video surfaced that alleged the organization uses some of its affiliates to sell fetal body parts. He also instructed the state's Department of Health and Hospitals to not issue any licenses to Planned Parenthood to continue with its plans to open a clinic in New Orleans. [statement attached]   

  New Orleans, LA        4 UPDATES


 2 yrs | Jeb Bush calls nuclear accord with Iran ‘dangerous, deeply flawed and short sighted’

              Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who is running for the Republican nomination in next year's presidential election, has criticized the nuclear accord with Iran as "dangerous, deeply flawed, and short sighted." [full statement attached]   

  United States        336 UPDATES



Unattended package causes lockdown at the White House

Suspect who carried out Barcelona terror attack shot dead by police

Van hits pedestrians at bus shelters in French city of Marseille

U.S. destroyer John S. McCain collides with cargo ship near Singapore

Possible shooting causes panic at Dolphin Mall in Miami


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ESPN pulls announcer from game for having same name as Confederate general

Unattended package causes lockdown at the White House


Quake destroys buildings on Italian island of Ischia, at least 1 dead

Suspect who carried out Barcelona terror attack shot dead by police


ESPN pulls announcer from game for having same name as Confederate general

Unattended package causes lockdown at the White House

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