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London, England


 8 months | Queen’s husband Prince Philip hospitalized with infection

              Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has been hospitalized at a private hospital in London to receive treatment for an infection, the royal palace said on Wednesday, adding that he is in "good spirits." (more)   

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 8 months | At least 79 people presumed dead in London high-rise fire

              The number of people who are presumed to have died in last week's high-rise fire in London has risen to at least 79, British police confirmed on Monday, warning that some of the victims may never be identified. (more)   

  London, England     



 8 months | Vehicle strikes worshippers near London mosque, killing 1

              A van has plowed into worshippers as they left a mosque in north London, killing one person and injuring ten others, authorities say. The driver was arrested and the crash is being treated as a possible act of terrorism. (more)   

  London, England     


 8 months | At least 58 presumed dead in London high-rise fire

              At least 58 people are missing and presumed dead after Wednesday's high-rise fire in London, British police said on Saturday as work to recover the victims continued. The number of missing could still increase. (more)   

  London, England     


 8 months | WATCH LIVE: Protest at Kensington Town Hall in London

              Hundreds of angry residents have gathered outside Kensington Town Hall in London to protest the government's response to the deadly high-rise fire. Some of the protesters stormed the town hall.   

  London, England     




4 people found dead at home in Ryerson, Ontario

Florida Amber Alert: Juliet Odierna abducted from Cape Coral

Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School on lockdown

Mary Rose Keadjuk: Missing woman found dead after 27 years

Suicide bomber attacks U.S. embassy in Montenegro



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