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Kabul, Afghanistan


 2 yrs | Number of injured in Kabul attack rises to 13, including 5 women - health ministry

  Kabul, Afghanistan        45 UPDATES


 2 yrs | Truck bomb kills 8, injures 400 in Afghan capital

              At least eight civilians have been killed and about 400 others have been injured after a powerful truck bomb exploded near an army compound in the center of the Afghan capital, according to Wahidullah Mayar, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. Most of those injured sustained relatively minor injuries from flying glass. The bombing, which happened at around 1 a.m. local time, destroyed a number of homes and shops. It is feared the death toll could rise as details about casualties among service members have not yet been released.   

  Kabul, Afghanistan     


 2 yrs | 2 bombs explode in Kabul, injuring at least one

              Two bombs have exploded in central Kabul, damaging shops but injuring only one person, according to Pressistan journalist Esmatullah Kohsar and other local reporters.   

  Kabul, Afghanistan     




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