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 1 yr | Pope Francis becomes irritated after Mexican well-wishers pull hard at his sleeve

              Pope Francis became irritated after well-wishers in a crowd pulled hard at his sleeve on Feb. 16 in Mexico. In the footage, it appears that he nearly fell onto a man in a wheelchair. "Don't be selfish," Pope Francis said.   

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 1 yr | Pope Francis to visit Mexican gang-infested heartland

              Pope Francis takes his Mexican tour to the country's gang-infested heartland on Tuesday to bolster a message of peace and reconciliation in the face of a decade of bloodletting that the government has been unable to stop.   

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 1 yr | ICYMI: Video and transcript of Pope Francis’ speech to a joint session of U.S. Congress

              Speech starts at 1:11:57.   

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | LIVE: Pope Francis addresses a joint session of U.S. Congress

              Pope Francis is due to address a joint session of U.S. Congress at about 10 a.m. ET.   

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | ICYMI: Video of Pope Francis’ speech at the White House

              Speech starts at 1:01:45.   

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | Pope Francis arrives at White House, calls for action against climate change

              Some 15,000 spectators cheered Wednesday as Pope Francis arrived at the White House and delivered a speech in which he urged action against climate change, saying it is no longer a problem that can be left to future generations. (more)   

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 1 yr | Photo: Pope Francis, Obamas wave from White House balcony at end of arrival ceremony

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | Transcript: President Obama’s remarks at arrival ceremony for Pope Francis

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | Photo: Some 13,500 guests are at the White House for the pope’s arrival

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES


 1 yr | LIVE: Pope Francis arrives at the White House

              Pope Francis is attending a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House on the first full day of his visit to the United States.   

  Washington, D.C.        17 UPDATES




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