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5 people shot at Bacchus parade in New Orleans

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Credit: Jonah Gilmore

At least five people have been shot, one fatally, along the Bacchus parade route in New Orleans, local officials say. A child is among the victims.

The incident happened at 9:40 p.m. on Sunday when gunfire was heard at St. Charles Avenue and Terpsichore Street, where the Bacchus parade was passing through. The event is part of Mardi Gras.

“I thought it sounded like 20 gunshots. It might have been a little bit less, but it was a rapid fire and then everyone started running,” witness Stacey Morigeau told local reporter Jonah Gilmore. She described the scene as chaotic.

A spokesman for the New Orleans Police Department confirmed that 5 people had been shot, including three adult men, a juvenile girl and an adult woman.

“All were taken to the hospital by EMS where one male victim was later pronounced deceased,” police said in a statement. “The other four victims are reportedly in stable condition.

The suspected shooter was arrested “just moments” after the shooting and two guns were found at the scene, police said. There was no word on a possible motive.

The parade was immediately stopped after the shooting, which happened while float 22 was passing through the area. Other floats and marching groups were later allowed to continue on their route.

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