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Fireworks accidentally explode on Ocean City, Maryland, beach

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Credit: Gilly Gene

Fireworks accidentally exploded amid preparations for a Fourth of July fireworks show on a beach in Ocean City, Maryland, causing minor injuries to several employees, local officials and witnesses say.

The accident happened at about 10:15 a.m. on Sunday when fireworks in or near a truck on the beach ignited, causing all of it to explode and shooting fireworks in all directions, according to witnesses.

“There was an unintentional discharge of fireworks that were being set up on the beach for the Town’s fireworks show,” the fire department said in a statement. “During the unintentional discharge, employees of the fireworks company received minor injuries and refused transport to the hospital.”

Although it was busy on the beach at the time of the accident, the area surrounding the truck had been completely cordoned off, according to witnesses. There were no reports of injuries among beachgoers.

“Prior to the fireworks being off loaded from the vehicle, Fire Marshals secured a safe zone around the fireworks and put other safety protocols in place,” Fire Chief Richie Bowers said. “It is this very zone and safety protocols that kept anyone else from being injured.”

Bowers said fire marshals are investigating the cause of the accident.

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