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5 Unconventional Multiplayer Games to Try with Friends

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Gaming is always better with friends. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve tried out all the big names. From dominating as a team in overwatch, to us all choosing to buy wild cores to get the best skins in LoL, to us all being totally bamboozled by Lethal Company. So let’s take a look at 5 more unconventional picks for your next multiplayer gaming night.

1. Heave Ho – Physics Platformer

Published by Devolver Digital, this hilariously styled game has a very simple objective—navigate your way to the end of the level. But it’s of course not that easy. Playing with up to 3 friends, you all play as long-armed colourful creatures who have to navigate over and around obstacles to get to the end without being totally floored by the physics system. In the vein of games like Super Bunny Man and Gang Beasts, this game ends in plenty of laughs while still being a very competent platformer.

2. Tricky Towers – Puzzler

Inspired by Tetris, this is a cooperative or competitive puzzler, which sees you building towers out of Tetris-like pieces. You’re all trying to reach the goal, but you can also sabotage your friends’ efforts to make sure your tower is the one to win. It’s frantic, chaotic and will definitely end in an argument—so if your friend group loves that kind of energy this is one for you.

3. For the King – Turn-based RPG

Embark on a quest with up to 3 other friends in this turn-based adventure. You’ll be exploring a procedurally generated world, gathering resources, slaying enemies and all the good stuff you can expect from the fantasy genre. The meat of this game, though, is in the strategic depth which comes during its combat. Fortunately its whimsical art style keeps things light enough to make it a fun party game for thinkers.

4. Invisibilia – Story

If you’re more interested in narrative, Invisibilia is a nice one for you. It requires two players to work together on a single controller. Where you both take turns in controlling different characters. The story is deep, exploring some strong themes of empathy and human connection—you know, the good stuff. The single-controller mechanic also brings you physically closer, making it a great one for couples.

5. Niche – Survival Strategy

You were looking for a niche game right? Well, this one’s got it in the title! Seriously though, this is a nice survival game that pits you and up to 5 others as Niche-lings—tiny creatures—who are struggling to survive and evolve in a particularly harsh environment. You’ll find yourselves working together to evolve your species; managing mutations and resources while dealing with plenty of predators. It’s a unique concept, especially when brought into the realm of multiplayer.

So, what are you waiting for; these five titles are all great party games for a bunch of different audiences. Chances are, at least one stood out to you. So there’s nothing stopping you organising that next gaming night. Go on…

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